The Green-Thumbed Rabbit-Lover: Pet-Safe Gardening Tips

Having your own space is one of the best things in the world. Making a home for a beloved pet rabbit makes sense once you have a place you can call your own.

A lot of people want to work the land and grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. That being said, you will want to be safe if you bring animal or plant life into your indoor or outdoor areas.

Even though rabbits are cute, they can be nosy. Your furry friend could get very sick if you use the wrong ingredients or grow the wrong plants. All Things Rabbits gives you these yard safety tips to keep your pet safe.

Go Organic

Good Housekeeping says that organic gardening is a way to grow fruits, veggies, and plants without using any harmful pesticides, fertilizers, or mulch that could get into the soil, water, or food we eat. These chemicals hurt both the earth and your bun. Be sure to only use organic methods when you build a yard to protect your rabbit and the other animals that live in your area.

Toxic Plants for Bunnies

To protect themselves, plants make chemicals that are harmful. If it makes an animal sick, it’s less likely to be destroyed as plant matter. But rabbits kept as pets have had their natural feelings about what to eat and what not to eat bred out of them. If you put your bun in your garden, it might eat something very poisonous. Pet owners need to know what their pets are allergic to because the pets don’t know themselves.

Tulips, flowers, daisies, and mistletoe are all common plants that Rabbits can’t handle. Love the Garden says that many of the fruits, veggies, bushes, and flowers that people like to grow in their backyards are poisonous to buns. This includes some bushes, flowers, and leaves. Onions, peppers, and rhubarb are some of these things that shouldn’t be on a bun.

Protecting Your Rabbit From Your Garden 

Always avoid putting things that would be dangerous for your Rabbit to eat if you want to be sure they are safe. If you have to grow any of the plants on the above lists, obstacles and close supervision are very important. That way, you can keep your rabbit safe and keep other animals out of your yard that might hurt your plants.

To keep your rabbit and other animals away from your plants, the best way to protect your yard is to build a fence around it. You might not have a fence on your land or the one you do have might not be big enough to keep your rabbit out. You can easily look online for local fence companies that can put up good fencing on your land if you don’t already have it.

Additionally, you could set up a shower that goes off when the rabbit gets too close, which would scare it away. Some rabbit owners also use smells that their rabbit doesn’t like, like peppermint, clove oil, rotten potatoes, cayenne and red pepper mix, white vinegar, apple bitter, orange peels, and peppermint.

Make Your Garden Fun

You want your bun to enjoy their time outside, but safety comes first. So think about leaving out fun toys or hobbies. Place a rabbit tunnel or a treat box that you can fill with their favorite sweets. Take your bun outside a lot. You might want to get them a box to hang out in during the day. If your bun is already house-trained, you can teach them to use a flap door to get outside whenever they want to enjoy your garden. You can choose from many on the market, but most people choose the best cat door.

A house is a home when you have pets and yard. You want to make sure that the two things don’t clash, though. It is the right thing to do to keep your rabbits safe from common yard dangers. If you grow organic food, you can keep harmful chemicals out of the surroundings and your rabbit as well. When it comes to poisonous plants, you can either stay away from them or use teaching and treats to keep your rabbit safe from them.

Thank you for these tips. We hope they help you make your dream home and one where your rabbit can also grow.


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