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Dear New, Renewal or Prospective Member:

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful Californian Rabbit.  We are proud of our breed and our club.  We are continually working to improve all aspects of both.  We have a beautiful Newsletter published quarterly and are working on a new Guidebook that will be full of information, history, advertisements, etc.  We have both a yearly open (adult) and a youth sweepstakes contest.  We also  offer scholarships to qualifying youth members.  There are many other club benefits and we hope you will join to take advantage of those.

We encourage each and every member to work toward the betterment of our breed and to help others to raise better examples of our breed.   Many of our members have been raising Californians for a great many years and have a wealth of information and funny stories to share with you.  There is a world of difference between examples of each breed including Cals.  Our members are here to help you find the correct type, condition, fur, etc.  All you need do is ask.  Cal breeders love to talk about their rabbits and will fill your mind with tips about feed, breeding and all aspects of this endeavor.

Our club officers are listed elsewhere and we encourage you to contact any of them with questions, comments, etc.  If you are not a current member we hope you will choose to join. 

Sincerely,  Carrol Hooks, Secretary/Treasurer – 254-721-2909


We are currently working on the PHOTOS page. Please be patient.

Should you find a link that is not working, please  contact:
Joanie Simmons, Carrol Hooks, or Dick Gehr.


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