30 Men’s Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try in 2024

1. French Crop
The French crop, a timeless and flattering haircut for men, is perfect for those who wear eyeglasses. With longer hair in the front styled like a fringe and shorter sides, you can choose to enhance the look with shaved sides or an undercut. This versatile style offers a modern twist to a classic cut, making it a top choice for a refined and stylish appearance.

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2. Classic Fade

For those who prefer short sides and a seamless blend, the classic fade is a go-to choice. This trendy haircut starts longer at the top and gradually shortens on the sides and back, providing a clean and polished appearance. Embrace the elegance of a classic fade for a timeless and sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

3. High Fade Haircut

Take the fade to the next level with the high fade haircut. Characterized by extremely short shaved sides, sometimes starting above the temple area, this edgy look contrasts starkly with long and voluminous hair on top. Elevate your style with this head-turning haircut that exudes confidence and modern flair.

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4. Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

Originating as a woman’s hairstyle, the pompadour gained popularity when Elvis Presley embraced it. Featuring short sides and a long, swept-back top, the pompadour adds volume and height to your look. While it requires some maintenance, the stylish and sophisticated result is well worth the effort.

5. Easy Comb Over

Simplicity meets style with the easy comb-over, one of the most popular and straightforward hairstyles for men. Achieve this look by combing your hair to one side, using wax or putty for a polished finish. This timeless hairstyle exudes smartness and is effortlessly easy to achieve.

6. Curly, Medium-Length Hair for Men

Celebrate your natural curls by opting for a medium-length curly hairstyle. Embrace the unique personality that curls add to your look, and style by scrunching the curls with gel for a glossy finish. Ditch the straighteners and let your curls shine in all their glory.

7. Disconnected Undercut

For a versatile and stylish appearance, consider the disconnected undercut. Shaved sides and back, coupled with a longer top section, allow for various styling options. Whether slicked back, side-parted, messy, in a ponytail, or in a man bun, the undercut provides a contemporary and adaptable look.

8. Crew Cut

Simplicity meets sophistication in the classic crew cut. Tapered at the back and sides with a short top, this low-maintenance haircut is perfect for men on the go. Embrace the timeless appeal of the crew cut for a clean and polished look.

9. Textured Curly Hair

Embrace the messy and textured look with natural curls. Detangle and scrunch your curls, applying matte putty for added texture and shine. This effortlessly cool hairstyle lets your curls take center stage, adding a touch of carefree style to your overall appearance.

10. Quiff Hairstyle for Men

A fusion of the pomp, flat top, and mohawk, the quiff is a versatile hairstyle suitable for almost any occasion. With short sides and back and longer hair on top, the quiff can be styled neatly or messily, offering flexibility in your daily look.

11. Two-Block Short Haircut for Men

Step into the world of Korean-inspired hairstyles with the two-block short haircut. Featuring a longer top and shaved sides and back, this haircut is a popular choice among K-pop stars. Refresh your style with this contemporary look that perfectly balances edginess and sophistication.

12. Side-Parted Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Take control of your waves with the side-parted wavy hairstyle. Define your waves with gel or pomade, creating a polished and put-together appearance. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight, this hairstyle adds a touch of refinement to your look.

13. Long Top

Cover a portion of your forehead with the long-top hairstyle, perfect for those who prefer a bit more coverage. Comb the top part towards your forehead to emphasize its length, offering a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

14. Straight and Brushed Back

Achieve a neat and smart look with the straight and brushed-back hairstyle. This simple yet stylish option highlights faded or shaved sides, easily accomplished by brushing your hair backward while blow-drying. Finish the look with gel or pomade for a polished finish.

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15. Messy Curly Man Bob

Showcase your curls in a messy man bob, a stylish and carefree choice. Create a side part to enhance volume and use your fingers for styling, adding a small amount of pomade for a glossy finish. Embrace the natural volume of your curls with this effortlessly cool hairstyle.

16. Buzz Cut

For a no-fuss and wash-and-wear style, opt for the classic buzz cut. Characterized by closely shaven hair, the buzz cut requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer simplicity and ease.

17. Ivy League

Combining the elements of a crew cut and a side-part hairstyle, the Ivy League exudes smartness and sophistication. With short sides and a longer front section, this versatile haircut effortlessly transitions from workdays to weekends, maintaining a clean and youthful vibe.

18. Korean Wavy Short Haircut for Men

Embrace the K-pop craze with the Korean wavy short haircut. Showcase your thick and medium-length hair in this trendy style that has taken the Philippines by storm. Achieve the perfect Korean wave with this contemporary and stylish haircut.

19. Korean Comma Short Haircut for Men

For a unique take on fringe styling, try the Korean comma short haircut. Ideal for men with short or medium-length thick hair, create waves using a flat iron or curling iron for added texture. Achieve the signature comma shapes with careful styling, completing a trendy and fashionable look.

20. Messy Side Part Hairstyle for Men

Add a playful twist to your appearance with the messy side part hairstyle. Part your hair on one side to enhance volume and lightly scrunch for a textured finish. Perfect for weekends when you crave a more relaxed and informal look.

21. Curtain Short Haircut for Men

Revive the ’90s with the curtain short haircut, a throwback to the popular men’s hairstyles of that era. Embrace your natural center part and play up the volume on your roots by blow-drying, offering a nostalgic yet fresh take on this classic cut.

22. Long and Flat Top

For an edgy and clean-cut style, opt for the long and flat top. While long enough for styling, the thin and clean sides add a contemporary touch. Experiment with a quiff on off days to exude a relaxed and laid-back vibe.

23. Samurai Bun

Stay on-trend with the samurai bun, a hip and edgy choice for those who love long hairstyles. Keep your long hair neat and off your nape with this distinctive and fashionable haircut, ensuring a cool and comfortable look on hot and humid days.

24. Sleek Man Bun

Combine short sides with a long top for a sleek and clean look with the man bun. Keep hair off your face while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Perfect for those who prefer a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic.

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25. Messy Hairstyle With a Deep Side-part

Rock a medium-length messy hairstyle with a deep side part, ideal for those in the process of growing their short hair. Part your hair deeply on the side and comb with a fine-tooth comb for a neat yet carefree look.

26. Fade Haircut With a Beard

Add a beard for a change and pair it with a fade haircut for a balanced and stylish appearance. Achieve a harmonious look that doesn’t overwhelm your face, maintaining a clean and well-groomed aesthetic.

27. Bowl Short Haircut for Men

Embrace one of the edgiest men’s haircuts with the bowl cut. Featuring a front section cut on eyebrow level, this structured style can be worn straight or textured for a fresh and contemporary take on a classic look.

28. Faux Hawk Short Haircut for Men

Inject an element of rebellion with the faux hawk short haircut. Keep the top section long and style it upward with pomade or hair gel for a distinctive and edgy appearance. Add a touch of flair to your look with this bold and confident haircut.

29. High and Tight

Experience a feeling of freshness with the high and tight haircut, inspired by military aesthetics. Characterized by extremely short sides and a slightly longer top, this low-maintenance style ensures a presko feeling with minimal styling required.

30. Tousled Side Fringe Short Haircut for Men

Wrap up our list with a trendy and everyday look, the tousled side fringe short haircut. Keep the front section long to maintain your fringe, part your hair on one side, and finger-comb for a relaxed and effortlessly stylish appearance.


Now armed with knowledge about these 30 men’s haircuts and hairstyles, you have the tools to experiment with various looks and revamp your style. From classic and timeless options to contemporary and trendy choices, there’s a haircut for every preference. So, which one is your favorite? Step into 2024 with confidence and a fresh new look that reflects your unique personality.

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