Costco’s New $2 Breakfast Sandwiches Are a Huge Hit: ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’


Mere days after a new breakfast sandwich option hit Costco’s freezer aisles, shoppers are already drooling over the item and declaring it the best they’ve ever eaten.

These breakfast sandwiches, which come from Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand, were first spotted in warehouses last week. They feature applewood-smoked bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiched inside a spiral butter croissant.

Costco shoppers were immediately intrigued by the new sandwiches. And now that they’ve had a few days to sample them, the rave reviews are already pouring in.

“These things are incredible,” one fan wrote under a Reddit post about the sandwiches that has racked up more than 300 comments.

“Bought these last week and now I wish I grabbed another box. They are awesome,” another said.

The Irresistible Allure

1. Unrivaled Affordability

At a mere $2, these breakfast sandwiches redefine the concept of value for money. Costco’s commitment to affordability without compromising quality has struck a chord with consumers, making these sandwiches an unbeatable morning treat.

2. Gourmet Quality at a Bargain

Despite the modest price tag, Costco’s Breakfast Sandwiches boast a gourmet quality that rivals upscale breakfast joints. The harmonious blend of flavors and premium ingredients elevate this morning delight to a level beyond expectations.

Unveiling the Culinary Wonders

1. Perfectly Poached Eggs

The heart of these sandwiches lies in the artistry of a perfectly poached egg. Each bite unfolds a velvety, golden yolk that harmonizes with the other components, creating a breakfast symphony.

2. Premium Sausage Patties

Nestled within the soft embrace of a toasted bun is Costco’s secret weapon – premium sausage patties. The savory goodness of these perfectly seasoned patties adds a hearty and satisfying element to every bite.

3. Melted Cheese Magic

A slice of melted cheese weaves its magic, creating a luscious layer that binds the ingredients together. The marriage of gooey cheese with the robust flavors of the sausage and egg is a culinary revelation.

4. Toasted English Muffin Perfection

The vessel for this gastronomic masterpiece is a perfectly toasted English muffin. Its crisp exterior provides a delightful contrast to the pillowy softness within, ensuring a textural symphony with every bite.

Consumer Testimonials

The verdict from consumers has been resounding – these $2 Breakfast Sandwiches from Costco are a game-changer in the breakfast landscape. Comments like “best I’ve ever had” echo through social media platforms, with patrons praising the unbeatable combination of taste, quality, and affordability.

Why the Craze?

1. Accessibility for All

Costco’s commitment to providing affordable yet high-quality options aligns with a diverse range of consumers. The $2 price point makes this breakfast option accessible to all, transcending economic boundaries.

2. Uncompromised Quality

In an era where compromise often accompanies affordability, Costco’s Breakfast Sandwiches defy the norm.

The uncompromised quality of ingredients and meticulous preparation shine through, captivating taste buds without denting wallets.

3. Social Media Buzz

The sensation of these breakfast sandwiches has transcended the confines of traditional marketing.

Social media platforms are buzzing with reviews, photos, and recommendations, creating a virtual community of breakfast aficionados.

Any shoppers adding these sandwiches to their shopping lists should just keep in mind that some Costco warehouses tend to receive new products earlier than others. Members should check directly with their local Costco to confirm whether they’re in stock yet before heading over.

In the meantime, there are several other exciting items hitting Costco’s shelves right now that customers can keep an eye out for. Earlier this week, a shopper spotted brand-new Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts that feature three chocolatey layers: a chocolate mousse, chocolate cookie crumble base, and a glossy chocolate ganache coating. The desserts come in individual portions, making them a great option for serving at holiday parties in the coming weeks.


Costco’s $2 Breakfast Sandwiches have proven that culinary excellence need not come at a hefty price.

The fusion of affordability, gourmet quality, and irresistible flavors has solidified these sandwiches as a breakfast triumph. As morning rituals evolve, Costco’s latest offering stands tall as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value.

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