5 Ways You Can Keep Your Rabbit Healthy And Happy for Many Years

As bunny owners (or do the rabbits own us? We want to give them the best life possible (maybe a question for another time). And a long, happy, healthy life is the best kind. Here are some ways to make sure your rabbit has a great life so that you can both enjoy many years together.


And when it comes to digestion, rabbits are like little machines. In fact, one of their best things to do is eat and poop at the same time. In the wild, rabbits are like little nutrients. As they hop around eating and “contributing,” they feed the soil.

What we feed our rabbits is so important for a couple reasons:

  • To make sure your rabbit stays healthy and happy. If you feed him the right food now, you can avoid health problems and even pain in the future. He might also live less long if he doesn’t get enough food.
  • If you don’t give your rabbit a healthy food now, it could cause problems that cost a lot more in the future. Long-term, vet bills can be very pricey if your rabbit gets sick because it wasn’t fed right.

So how do we stay healthy and avoid spending money we don’t need to? This is what your rabbit should eat every day:

Timothy Hay

Timothy hay that is clean and of good quality is an important part of your rabbit’s food. It’s necessary for her stomach to work right without it. As long as the hay is fresh and healthy, it’s a good choice for your rabbit. She also won’t be able to stay away from the clean, sweet smell of Timothy hay.

You can also keep your rabbit’s teeth worn down with Timothy hay so they don’t get too big or sharp, which could cause sores in her mouth. Make sure she can always get fresh hay, so do that every day.

Timothy Hay Pellets

Along with the hay your rabbit eats every day, Timothy hay pellets help his diet by making sure he gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

Do not buy “junk food” pellet mixes from pet shops. These mixes often have dyes, sugar, and other fillers that are bad for your rabbit in the long run. Also, these mixes don’t have the right amounts of fiber and protein that a good rabbit pellet should have.

Fresh Veggies

A handful or two of fresh leafy veggies should be given to your rabbit every day. We suggest that you buy organic, already-washed food as much as possible so that your rabbit doesn’t eat any chemicals that are in poisons. Don’t eat too much green lettuce or kale.

Romaine, spinach, arugula, clover, bok choy, and celery are just a few of the vegetables that rabbits love. Carrots and other sugary veggies should only be given rarely and in small amounts, like one baby carrot every few days.


The rabbits love greens! Most rabbits love fresh cilantro, parsley, dill, or a special mix of these herbs. But every bunny has his own tastes. It won’t take you long to figure out what he likes best!

Sometimes, healthy treats with little sugar may be given out. A lot of rabbits like to chew on baby carrots or plain banana chips.

Also, make sure your rabbit can get a lot of clean, fresh water every day.

If you only remember one thing from this post, make it this: good Timothy hay is the best product for giving your bun fiber. For your rabbit’s digestive system to work properly, Timothy hay is a must, and pellets and greens should be added every day.


You may have heard that bunnies like to be with other rabbits. They like to play too! They can play with things by themselves, with you, or with another bunny friend.

It’s often a good idea to find another rabbit friend for them to play with when you’re not home because rabbits are very social and can get lonely quickly.

But once you get there, there are many things you can do to connect with your rabbit and make it feel more at home:

Get on the floor.

Getting down on the floor with your rabbit is a great way to bond with her. She can hop around you or on you to check you out. Since most rabbits are scared of being picked up, it’s best to get down on a level where they feel safe. Over time, getting down on the floor with your rabbit will also help her trust you more.

Play games.

To play with your rabbit, you can hide healthy treats in a blanket or toy for her to find and knock down. Sure, some rabbits like to hide and seek with their owner.

Teach your rabbit new tricks.

Rabbits are very smart and can learn a lot of different tricks. The more you teach your rabbit new things, the closer you will become to her.

You’ll find out how fun and satisfying it can be to spend time with your rabbit if you try some of these.


Because they hunt for food, rabbits are very good at hiding when something is wrong. So, you should take your rabbit to a vet who knows rabbits often. Every six months is a good time to check on your rabbit’s health. Make sure the vet checks your rabbit’s ears, teeth, feet, and belly for gas, which is very bad for rabbits because they can’t get rid of it.

If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, you can also get your rabbit’s nails cut when you take it to the vet. It’s important to trim your nails every one to two months because long nails can be bad for your health.

Remember to take your bunny to the vet right away if he seems tired or isn’t eating much or at all. Rabbits are easily hurt, so you should deal with any strange behavior right away.


It’s important that your rabbit feels safe where she lives. Make sure she has room to run and places to hide if she wants to. Also, any electrical lines she might be able to reach should have cord protectors on them so that she doesn’t get shocked if she chews on them.

Protect your rabbit from other animals that might be mean, and make sure that little kids are watching when they play with her. Rabbits are easily startled, so try to find her a place in your home where there won’t be any noise.


A rabbit loves the sun and the fresh air just as much as anyone else. That could mean opening a window or letting your rabbit go outside to enjoy the fresh air.

When your rabbit plays outside, you should always watch him, and you shouldn’t let him play on grass that has been treated with chemicals. Either put your rabbit in a harness or put him in a fenced-in, safe place where he can’t get out or be taken by a predator. He should also have places to sit in the shade that protect him from the sun on hot days and give him access to water.


All of these things are important for a long and healthy life for your rabbit, but don’t forget that a good food is the most important thing.

Pure organic Timothy hay is the best thing you can give your rabbit, and she will love it. You can spend many years with her.


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