Costco's New $2 Breakfast Sandwiches Are a Huge Hit: 'Best I've Ever Had'

People are already raving about the new breakfast sandwich at Costco, just days after it hit the freezer aisles. They say it's the best thing they've ever eaten.

Last week, people first saw these breakfast sandwiches in warehouses. They are from Costco's Kirkland Signature brand. Applewood-smoked bacon, egg, and cheese are squished between two spiral butter croissants.

People who shopped at Costco were quickly interested in the new sandwiches. The reviews are already coming in thick and fast now that they've had a few days to try them.

A lot of people have been comparing the frozen Kirkland sandwiches to the Double Smoked Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar Sandwich at Starbucks. Both have the same ingredients and a spiral croissant bun. 

People who have bought the Kirkland Signature version say that each pack has eight sandwiches and costs $15.99. That's about two dollars for each meal. At the same time, a Double Smoked Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar Sandwich from Starbucks costs $6.13 at a store in central New Jersey.

People who want to buy these sandwiches should know that some Costco stores get new items before others. Before going to their local Costco, members should call ahead to make sure they have them in stock.

Check out Costco's shelves right now for some other exciting new things that customers should keep an eye out for. A buyer saw brand-new Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts earlier this week.

They have three chocolatey layers: a chocolate mousse base, a chocolate cookie crumble base, and a glossy chocolate ganache topping. Since the desserts are served in small amounts, they are a great choice for holiday parties coming up soon.

This week, people have also seen Holiday Cookies, Mini Gingerbread Cakes, and a brand-new Black Forest Bar Cake at Costco. All of these desserts are great for the holidays.

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