Costco's Adorable New Pet Items Are Flying Off the Shelves

Costco just launched a perfect new item to gift your furry family members and friends this holiday season—but you'll need to act quickly if you want to get your hands on one! Members are already reporting that it's selling out remarkably fast at their local warehouses.

Costco recently began selling pet hoodies with the Kirkland Signature logo for $14.99 apiece. The hoodies feature a reinforced leash hole, kangaroo pocket, and ribbed cuffs and hems.

While the hoodies have only been available for a short time, they're already inspiring major buzz with members. Costco members have been raving about the item on Reddit and flooding the forum with adorable photos of their pets sporting the Kirkland Signature gear.

The hoodies are so popular that members are having trouble finding them in stock both in warehouses and online because they're selling out so fast.

All this fanfare means that if you're hoping to snag a pet hoodie of your own, you should probably buy one ASAP if you're lucky enough to spot one in warehouses or online. And if your warehouse is already completely sold out, just keep your fingers crossed that Costco will eventually restock them.

The Kirkland Signature Logo Pet Hoodies aren't the only items geared toward pets that are wildly popular among members. Costco's Kirkland Signature dog food has also become a go-to purchase for many shoppers who rave that it's much more affordable than other brands.

"The only other dog food my dogs can happily stomach is almost triple the price. I'm a Costco member at least until they aren't around anymore," one shopper wrote on Reddit recently.

"The Kirkland dog food is at a sweet spot of price vs. quality. You have to pay a lot more to get a product that's even a little bit better," another said.

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