Time to Bid Adieu: 10 Tacky Boomer Home Trends That Desperately Need to Exit the Stage!

While the clean, minimalist look can be appealing, it’s often impractical for daily life. One user mentioned that it “makes every speck of dust, dirt, or spilled food extremely visible.”

All-white kitchens and bathrooms

Many Redditors complained about the impracticality of open shelving. Sure, it looks great in photos, but it’s a dust magnet and requires constant organizing.

Open shelving

While they can be a fun addition to a rustic home, barn doors have been overused and often don’t fit the style of most modern homes.

Barn doors

As one user put it, “Not every wall needs shiplap.” While it can add texture and interest to a room, too much of it can be overwhelming.

Excessive shiplap

While some accent walls can be tastefully done, many users felt they can be a lazy attempt at adding visual interest to a room without committing to a full design concept.

Accent walls

Gray has been the go-to neutral for years, but many people are ready to see a return to warmer, cozier colors.

Gray everything

Users particularly called out phrases like “Live, Laugh, Love” or “Gather” as overused and cliché.

Word art

While they were once a trendy way to store or display items, mason jars have overstayed their welcome in many homes.

Mason jar mania

Many users felt that the oversized, exposed-bulb light fixtures have become tiresome, and it’s time for something new.

Industrial lighting

While some people love the personalized touch of a gallery wall, others feel they can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming.

Gallery walls

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