Costco’s popular appetizer plates are on sale as a big holiday deal

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There are still deals going on even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost over. You can get the well-known Costco snack plates for as little as $9.99 right now.

People often ask where they can get this famous set. I can only say that it's from Costco. The pieces can be bought both online and in stores. There is a sale on the overandback Appetizer Square Plate Set on the Costco website for $14.99.

It used to be $19.99. If you want to save even more money, Apartment Therapy says you can get the popular Costco appetizer plates at your local store for only $9.99, which is $5 less than the normal price of $14.99.

This deal is only good until December 3 or until stocks run out. The blue set is already sold out online. Also, this trendy host gift is selling out quickly in many stores, so you'll want to get yours before they're gone from the shops or online.

Why does this set get so much use? First, current designs are painted on them by hand to make meals look more stylish. Because they are small, they're great for snacks, small meals, or sweets.

The best thing about the plates and this deal is this. You need to be a member of Costco. Visit to become a member if you aren't already one. You can get $60 worth of Costco perks for a whole year if you choose the Gold Star level. That's only $5 a month!

These plates will make your table look great for your guests, whether you're having a full holiday dinner or just a cookie party.

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