Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With Mini Churro Donuts: 'They Lasted Less Than 24 Hours'

Costco's Churro Donut Bites, which are sold under the brand name Gen Bake and come in 30-ounce packages, combine the best parts of two popular baked goods to create the ultimate cinnamon sugar snacking experience. 

Members of Costco have been talking a lot about the bite-sized donuts. Recently, one Redditor gave them a "10/10," which led to a lot of positive comments.

"I bought them, and they were gone in less than 24 hours," one person wrote. "Yes, those are really cool, and I hope I never see them at Costco again." Another person said, "You can't help but eat them when you see them."

Several Reddit users said that cooking the donuts would make them even better. One person said that they air-fried them for two to three minutes. "They get crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside," they told us.

Someone else said to dip them in sauce made of chocolate or cream cheese. The person who started the post on Reddit said that an employee suggested that they go with ice cream.

This is not the first time that the Churro Donut Bites have been on Reddit. In the past few months, several Costco members have gone online to praise the item and suggest other items that go well with it.

People at the warehouse club have been talking a lot about a lot of different sweets besides these donuts. Costco just released their brand-new Kirkland Signature Chocolate Mousse Desserts, which got a lot of buyers excited on social media. 

This rich, cold treat comes in a six-count box and has a base of chocolate cookie crumble, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate sprinkles on top. The @costcobuys Costco fan account saw this treat for $9.99, but the price may be different in other stores.

Costco's kitchen also got two new holiday treats. The first one is a six-count box of Gingerbread Mini Cakes, which became a hit in 2022 and are still going strong. The holiday treat comes with a gingerbread cake, whipped vanilla frosting, and a chocolate gingerbread man.

Costco is now selling a new Black Forest Bar Cake, which has layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherry filling for people who love chocolate. Cherry maraschino and chocolate shavings are placed on top of the dish.

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