Costco Shoppers Are Noticing a Major Issue With Kirkland Butter

Some stores, like Costco, are almost always great, but sometimes even our old favorites fail us. And with holiday baking coming up, Costco's latest mistake might not be enough.

Costco customers have noticed that the chain's famous Kirkland salted butter isn't as good as it used to be. The butter comes in a blue box and is used in both sweet and savory baking, but the results have been all over the place.

 She had seen a TikTok about the product not working in a baker's recipe but didn't think much of it until Costco's salted butter wouldn't hold up in her own Thanksgiving pie crust recipe.

"I couldn't get the second batch to roll because it was too crumbly." "Went to the store and got some different butter. And guess what? The same recipe worked again," they said. 

Something was different about their butter. Did anyone else have trouble with the butter over the holidays? I don't want to use it in any recipe for baking right now."

People who shop at Costco all agreed that the Kirkland brand's salted butter sticks are not reliable. Perhaps not worth the risk of baking with if you'll waste time, ingredients, and temper tantrums.

"Wait, are you crazy? I'm usually great at making pies, but my Thanksgiving pie crust was really "crumbly." put up another Redditor. "I bought a lot of the blue box butter at Costco and used it.

"The amount of water has changed," someone else said. "This happened to my crust last year and a few friends mentioned it this year – Kerrygold only for baking from now on." 

 It was decided upon by many that Kerrygold, a brand sold at Costco, is the best choice. Kerrygold is always the same, and the grass-fed butter gives pie crusts and other light-colored baked goods a nice golden color.

One way to keep the same amount of profit is to mix less cream with water, but without a science lab, it might not be possible to test what is really going on with Costco's butter sticks.

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