Burger King Is Bringing Back One Of Its Most Popular Sides

Fries, move over! A popular side dish from Burger King is coming back. These potato bites are made in a completely different way than the ones you used to get.

Chew Boom reports that the holiday Cheesy Tots will be back soon at the burger chain. The beloved side food, which is made of deep-fried potatoes and melted cheese, will be available all over the country on December 7, just in time for the holidays.

It's not always easy to find great deals at places like Costco. Even our old favorites let us down sometimes. And with holiday baking coming up, Costco's most recent mistake might not be enough.

People who shop at Costco have noticed that the popular Kirkland salted butter isn't as good as it used to be. No matter what kind of baking the blue box of butter is used for, the effects have been all over the place.

The product didn't work in a baker's recipe, but she didn't think much of it until Costco's salted butter wouldn't work in her own recipe for Thanksgiving pie crust.

"I couldn't get the second batch to roll because it was too crumbly." "I bought some new butter at the store." Also, guess what? They said, "The same recipe worked again." 

"Their butter didn't taste the same. Over the holidays, did anyone else have trouble with the butter? Right now I don't want to use it in any food recipe.

Someone who shops at Costco told everyone else that the Kirkland brand's salted butter sticks are not good. It might not be worth the risk to bake with if you'll waste time, ingredients, and rage tantrums.

People who know a lot about baking think that too much water in the mix may be the cause of all the bad bakes this season. When some baked goods fell over, they were scared. 

Fans have even said bad things about Burger King because the Cheesy Tots aren't on the normal menu. Fans set up the Facebook page Bring Back the Cheesy Tots from Burger King to ask the chain to bring back their favorite warm, cheesy tater tots. 

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