9 Most Incredible Costco Deals Right Now, According to Shoppers

After ordering too much chicken, someone on Reddit said this week that their local warehouse was offering 40-pound boxes of chicken for only $26. 

1. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

At least one warehouse is having a huge sale on Mingle Mocktails, a brand of drinks without booze. This week, someone on Reddit saw a pack of eight different Mingle Mocktails for only $2.97 and told other buyers about it.

2. Mingle Mocktails

Out of all the amazing Costco deals spotted recently, discounts on the retailer's fresh produce may be some of the most lucrative.

3. Fresh Produce

In that case, you might want to keep an eye out at your local Costco for the Cailler L'Atelier Artisan Chic Chocolates. This week, a buyer said they saw boxes of the sweets for only $7.97.

4. Cailler L'Atelier Artisan Inspired Chocolates

The Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Duet Bites from Sugar Bowl may be small, but Costco's deal on baked goods isn't. This week, 27-ounce boxes of the treats were on sale at Costco for $2.97.

5. Sugar Bowl Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Duet Bites

Junior's may be best known for its famous cheesecakes, but that's not the only sweet treat that the brand offers at grocery stores.

6. Junior's Mini Bundt Cakes

Beer lovers, take a bow! There is a huge sale on Costco's famous Brewer's Advent Calendar right now. It has 24 different beers that you can drink leading up to Christmas.

7. Brewer's Advent Calendar

Costco's Del Real Birria&Cheese Pupusas currently cost $17.54 online in New Jersey, but if you're lucky, you may be able to snag a box right now for a fraction of that price.

8. Del Real Birria&Cheese Pupusas

The same person who was shopping at Costco and saw the amazing deal on the Del Real pupusas also saw a great deal on the El Camino Real Bakery Organic Coconut Bites.

9. El Camino Real Bakery Organic Coconut Bites

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