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Youth Scholarship

National Californian Rabbit Specialty Club

Guidelines For Youth Scholarship Fund

(Taken from the last CRSC Guidebook)

The scholarship fund will be governed solely by the Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, Inc.

The CRSC Scholarship Awards Committee shall consist of the chairperson and three members. The Secretary/Treasurer of the club is an ad hoc member, means he or she has no voting rights and will process all paperwork according to scholarship rules and procedures.

All assets of this fund will be raised by voluntary contributions and auction of eight animals at the National Californian specialty show each year. The club auction committee will handle the auction. With 50% of the auction price of the rabbit going to the scholarship fund and 50% of the auction price of the rabbit going to the donor. Donor can donate all funds to scholarship fund if he or she wishes.

All assets of the fund will be maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Californian Rabbit Specialty Club, Inc. At no time will this fund jeopardize the financial well being of the Club.

The amount and number of scholarships awarded is to be recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. It will not be required to award a scholarship each year, depending on the availability of funds in the youth scholarship award account and or qualified applicants.

Scholarship will be paid by the Secretary/Treasurer upon written request from the Scholarship Committee and prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Scholarship will be paid to the recipient and upon submitting proof of enrollment in an accredited two or four year college/university or vocational school.

A financial report of this fund will be made by the Secretary/Treasurer at the annual meeting and published in the Californian newsletter.

The Scholarshlp Committee shall be responsible for application forms, criteria and selection of scholarship winners.

Applicants will request the scholarship form from the Secretary/Treasurer, so the applicant’s eligibility can be confirmed.

No scholarship application will be allowed from an applicant with a family member on the Scholarship Committee at the time the application would be considered.

Applications sent out for scoring will not have the applicants name or address on it to insure fairness. This will include reference letters also.

The decision on the recipient(s} will be made prior to the annual American Rabbit Breeders Association National Convention and announced at the Californian Club’s breakfast.

Applicants can be graduates of home schooling programs.

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